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Register to be able to send SMS to the emergency numbers 0047 59 555 110 (fire), 0047 59 555 112 (police) or 0047 59 555 113 (medical emergency number), or use 0047 1412 for emergency call via text phone.
Use 00 instead of + before your country code.

Enter your mobile number to register, update or delete your registration:

If you need immediate help NOW, get help by calling 110 (fire), 112 (police) or 113 (medical emergency).


 How Nød-SMS works

In an emergency, you who have registered your mobile number can send an SMS to emergency numbers 110, 112 or 113. To save time, the message should contain information about:

  • WHERE you are.
  • WHAT you need.
  • WHO and how many people are in need.

At the emergency notification centre, your SMS enters the same system as the voice calls, and the operator sends you a confirmation that the message has been received. You will then receive follow-up questions via SMS so that the operator receives enough information to assess the situation and sends the right help to the right place.

Requirements for being able to notify via SMSThinkstockPhotos WEB sirkel

In addition to being pre-registered, you must have a valid Norwegian SIM card in your mobile to be able to send SMS to the emergency numbers. If your SIM card is blocked or locked, or you do not have money on the cash card, the emergency notification centers will not receive your message. The mobile phone must also not be in airplane mode or set to block outgoing SMS. 

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Your mobile operator must also have coverage in the area you are in when you send the message. Like other SMS traffic, SMS to the emergency notification centers can be delayed or not reach its destination due to poor coverage. It is therefore important to ensure that you receive confirmation that your message has been received by the emergency notification centre.

Tip! If you have the opportunity, it may be a good idea to save an SMS on the mobile phone with key information that can be quickly adapted to the current situation. The emergency response centers often use the birth and social security number of the person or persons involved in order to be able to make faster assessments related to the incident. If you have the opportunity to send this, it can save time and lead to help arriving more quickly.

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